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Silence In The Library

'we reject your reality and substitute our own'

Silence in the Library
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Multi-fandom fanfiction
A pile for everything, and everything in it's pile.

...this is the pile for the writing endeavors of two cleaver ladies who'd like to think they have some talent at writing, and are a tiny bit obsessed with teh football. They promise it won't interfere with fic production. Much.

Jael, aka postverta and Gillian, aka dimestore_hippy (aka Spastic Bookworm on ff.net) hereby claim no legal rights to anything they write about, or anyone's mental state once reading has commenced.

If mental instability occurs, put the lime in the coconut and call us in the morning.

...We interrupt this normally filled out profile to announce: Liverpool and Barça! (AND SPAIN!)

Oh my. *fans self*

A little about US: We are who we are and we are oceans apart. (And we are thankful for the internet for making it a small world after all ^-^)